MakakaRu – we're combining the
multitasking and the talent!

We're not specialized
on a one goal,
we're making a lot of
different projects!

We love experimenting
with different ways to
solve a problem.

Sometimes we make
useless, but very
unique and pretty
interesting projects!

What is the purpose of our website?

This is our team's website, here you can read about our projects, or get some information.

What is MakakaRu?

MakakaRu is russian team of developers, gamers, artists and musicians. We work on very different projects.
MakakaRu's mission is to invent useful stuff, automate boring things and etc.

Who is founder of MakakaRu?

Current founder of MakakaRu is Sekkej. Also, he's responsible for all main tasks.
His primary tasks are: managing and developing projects, managing team members, design.

How to become a member of our team?

When it comes to upgrading our team, we're inviting some smart people to our team.
If you want to contribute some project or help our team somehow, contact Sekkej (dbg64x) in Discord.

Announcements and news

MakakaRu first Birthday!

It's our first birthday! Today we're celebrating our birthday with a new website, hope you like it.

06 February 2024

Technical issues have been fixed

MakakaRu website works now, but domain is unavailable for a month.

05 February 2024

AIPlace expiremental project

MakakaRu released new project called AIPlace, more information on

12 March 2024